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June 4, 2018ATLANTA  • AUGUSTA • SAVANNAH • MACON SPECIAL NOTES ATLANTA —Pasqual’s —This is the place to go if you want a taste of Southern history as well as Southern food. Those who participated in and shaped the Civil Rights movement met here regularly to exchange ideas while feasting on fried chicken, collards and superb Mac and Cheese. —Civil Rights ... Read More


May 22, 2016KOREA • NORWAY • ENGLAND • NETHERLANDS (more to come) KOREA • SEOUL — Get your bearings with a City Tour — We’ve found the best introduction to a city the size of Seoul is to take a city tour via a hop-on hop off bus. The Seoul City Tour buses go round and round a two-hour course, stopping at a ... Read More


November 19, 2015 MID-SOUTH • GULF COAST • NORTHWEST MID-SOUTH — THE MONROEVILLE OF HARPER LEE WHERE HARPER LEE LIKED TO EAT — Radley’s Fountain Grille­ — A favorite lunch spot for Harper Lee and her older sister Alice, Radley’s is owned by their long-time friend, Sam Therrell, who says the sisters favored his potato soup. Tip: Have some potato soup in honor ... Read More


November 17, 2015                                               NAVAJO LAND • CENTRAL ARIZONA   NAVAJO LAND • AN OVERALL VIEW — Best Bet — Discover Beautiful Navajo: The Official Guide to the Navajo Nation, is a excellent booklet that’s available in most visitor centers and truck stops. It’s ... Read More


November 15, 2015 LITTLE ROCK • HOT SPRINGS • HEIFER RANCH • OZARKS • LITTLE ROCK  WHERE AND WHAT TO EAT  — Little Rock BBQ — Opinion is divided as to the best Little Rock barbeque. Lots of folks like Whole Hog, which offers taste-tests of six different sauces, but if you’re hankering for something traditional, go to Sims, where they slather the meat ... Read More


November 4, 2015STATEWIDE • DENVER SPECIFIC • STATEWIDE Altitude Dangers — It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, fit or flabby, when you come to Colorado, you’re a candidate for altitude sickness. If you travel to heights of more than 8,000 feet, you have a one in four chance of experiencing some degree of fatigue, headache, dizziness or insomnia. You can lessen ... Read More


October 24, 2015CENTRAL • WEST • EAST • CENTRAL LOUISVILLE • We allowed only an hour for our visit to the Kentucky Derby Museum. Big mistake. Allow at least half a day. The exhibits are interesting, and the 360° high-resolution film titled “The Greatest Race” is excellent. • If you opt for the one-hour Barn and Backside Tour of the Churchill ... Read More


October 22, 2015NEW ORLEANS • PLANTATION COUNTRY CAJUN COUNTRY • NORTHWEST • NEW ORLEANS  WHERE AND WHAT TO EAT  — Praline Cream Soda and Noble Cane Cola — If we had enough money and were gamblers at heart, we’d invest in Swamp Pop, a company that produces a non-alcoholic drink with a Louisiana twist. Check out their website. Their story is as good as their ... Read More


October 21, 2015ST. LOUIS • BRANSON • OZARKS •  ST. LOUIS What to Do — Top off your trip with a trip to the top — • Claustrophobics beware: The capsule that transports folks to the top of St. Louis’s iconic arch is small, very small. There’s an elevator for those who like more breathing space. • Reaching the tram / capsule necessitates traversing ... Read More


October 20, 2015 OMAHA • ALONG INTERSTATE 80 • THE SANDHILLS OMAHA WARREN BUFFETT’S FAVORITE HAUNTS — Gorat’s — A former Buffett fave, the billionaire held his annual meetings here until a few years ago when the former owner, childhood chum Louis “Pal” Gorat sold the place. New owner Gene Dunn updated the place and although Buffett transferred his loyalties, Gorat’s still gets ... Read More


October 15, 2015THE COAST • THE PIEDMONT • THE MOUNTAINS • THE COAST — Beware of mileage estimates — As the crow flies or the main highway goes, the so-called coastal route is approximately 300 miles. But this route curves inland when the coast fragments into barrier islands. To truly hug the Atlantic means taking ferries to cross water when mainland roads ... Read More


October 12, 2015STATEWIDE • COAST • INLAND • STATEWIDE — Tax-free — Oregon is one of five states that doesn’t have a sales tax. This may or may not be a boon to residents, but it’s definitely nice for visitors. — Pendleton products — For folks who like Pendleton products, Oregon is definitely the place to go, not only because of the ... Read More